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On January 12th 2010 Haiti was struck by a catastrophic earthquake. The magnitude of the quake measured 7.0 on the Richter Scale, and it killed more than 200.000 people and left 300.000 wounded.
Two million people lost their homes, and many of them continue to live in temporary camps.


The earthquake annihilated most of the buildings in the capital Port-au-Prince. And in some rural areas houses, schools and public buildings collapsed.

A few days after the disaster, DanChurchAid and the ACT Alliance were ready to provide the many distressed Haitians with relief aid. The subsequent reconstruction work was challenged by a serious cholera epidemic and riots in connection with the presidential and parliamentary election in the end of 2010.

Today the reconstruction work is progressing, but Haiti is still a poor nation with a frail government.


DanChurchAid and the ACT Alliance has helped more than 160.000 of the most exposed Haitians with water supply and distribution of kitchen utensils, tents and psycho-social support for those who are most traumatically affected, including children.

We have helped limit the cholera epidemic by providing toilets and information about the dangers of infection.

We also rebuild schools and help the rural poor with income generating activities, because they are no longer able to sell their products in the capital.


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