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Economic Empowerment of Women


DanChurchAid (DCA) Malawi joined the National Millennium Development Goal 3 Call to Action Campaign in April 2009 by pledging a commitment to “do something extra” towards gender equality and women empowerment within the area of economic empowerment of women.

The key pillar of the DCA Malawi’s commitment was to host the Economic Empowerment of Women Conference on 12 May 2009, which resulted in the interesting outcome of the Lilongwe Declaration May 2009.

At the Economic Empowerment of Women Conference a momentum was experienced of overarching support and interest in placing renewed focus and priority on economic empowerment of women from the participating 140 stakeholders.

The stakeholders composed by a multi-sector audience of experts and practitioners within Government, the non-governmental organizations, the financial institutions, faith-based organizations, academia and the donor community.

Across the multi-sector audience five key areas of gaps and needs were identified in relation to economic empowerment of women as well as six areas of key recommendations in terms of actions and interventions in the way forward, which constitute the Lilongwe Declaration May 2009. Those areas feature as the core inputs to the strategy for this project.