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Guyana boasts a remarkably rich ecology, but also has one of South America’s poorest economies.

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Guyana boasts a remarkably rich ecology, but also has one of South America’s poorest economies.

Tropical rainforests – filled with distinctive plants and trees, teeming with exotic birds, insects and mammals – are a big draw for eco-tourists. But political troubles, ethnic tension and economic mismanagement have left the former British colony with serious economic problems.

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Foreign demand for beef, soybeans adds pressure on Amazon forest


Rising foreign demand for beef and soybeans will tempt Brazil to clear more of the Amazon rainforest, in a reversal of recent success in slowing forest losses, a study said on Thursday.

About 30 percent of deforestation in Brazil in the decade to 2010 was due to farmers and ranchers seeking land to expand export production of beef and soybeans, against about 20 percent in the 1990s, the report said.

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There are no easy solutions in Guatamala. The majority of the country’s indigenous population lives in poverty and oppression. The conditions for human rights and a society ruled by law are poor.

Guyana. Opposition has no grounds for cutting budget – President Ramotar


Following intense debates in the National Assembly and hints of slashing another budget,  President Donald Ramotar has asserted that any moves by the opposition parties to cut this year’s budget would be without grounds, thus highlighting vindictiveness on their part.
Speaking briefly  to media operatives yesterday,Mr. Ramotar opined that, “As far as the debate is concerned, (Moses) Nagamootoo summed it up that the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) won the debate, but still they want to cut the budget.”
“It seems to be so illogical. If you won the debate you expect that you have convinced them, but they’re still cutting the budget. So obviously they have no grounds and this is now down to vindictiveness.”

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