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African Presence in Ancient America before Columbus

Published on Feb 12, 2013

This video’s purpose is to stress to Africans in America and the world that our history did not start with slavery in the New World. The Ancient Ancestors of Egypt and West Africa traveled to the New World, traded and exchanged cultural ideas with the inhabitants. VIDEO

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How to create economic change within black America

THIS IS LAWRENCE HAYES JR! One of the greatest young minds I’ve every been around. If you are a black man or women in America, you want to here what this brotha has to say! VIDEO

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James Baldwin on Black Economic Empowerment

Author and civil rights activist James Baldwin goes back to his Deep South roots 25 years after the civil rights movement ended to see what has changed. He finds out the US government was keen to suppport voter registration activities but not black economic empowerment. Contains shocking scenes of black activists being abused while staging a sit-in at a white- only restaurant. VIDEO

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Economic Empowerment Conference with TD Jakes

Blending The Gospel with Economic Empowerment Messages.  Here is a great example for churches and other religious organisations. VIDEO

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Dr Kunjufu speaks about Black Economics part 2

Part 2 of Dr Kunjufu’s lecture on Black Economics (August 2011) VIDEO

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Dr Kunjufu on Black Economics part 1

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu (Swahili for dependable and cheerful) is a renowned educator. As president of African American Images (a communications company based in Chicago, Illinois), he is constantly on the lecture circuit conducting over  workshops, addressing students, parents, teachers, community residents and churches. 12 Feb 2011

Malcom X speaks about Black Economics

Malcom X – the original expert on Black Economics. The purpose of this video is for Black people and the oppressed living in America to pool our wealth and resources and accomplish great economic gains and eventually controlling our own destiny. VIDEO

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A trailer for TV series on the Economics of black communities in Chicago.  Filmed in 2008. VIDEO

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1.1 Trillion Dollar Economy among African Americans

Black dollars make sense only when its circulated black into our community, if not this is economic genecide.  Ron Walsh says Black Economics is the key to our deliverance. VIDEO

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