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Black Twitterati


Twitter has become more powerful than the inventors imagined.  It has created new stars and given a voice to the everyday man or woman in the street. It has also caused people to lose jobs, lose endorsements, and brought down Governments.   According to a 2013 report, 26 percent of African Americans who use the Internet use Twitter, compared to 14 percent of online white, non-Hispanic Americans. In addition, 11 percent of African-American Twitter users say they use Twitter at least once a day, compared to 3 percent of white users.  Of course, these figures could have doubled by now in 2015, but one this is for sure, there is powerful movement online formed of mostly black people who use Twitter.

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Lenny Kravitz – the designer


Lenny Kravitz wooed us on the stage at the Superbowl on Sunday 1 Feb 2015. He had less than 2 minutes to show us how relevant he still is and he achieved that goal. I have been a long time fan of Lenny’s music and have albums to prove it. But I came across a little publicised fact that Lenny Kravitz is also a designer. An interior designer. He also designs hotels, TV studios, furniture, wall tiles, wallpaper and much more.

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Will Smith Motivational Quotes


Here is an ispirational compilation video. Actor Will Smith provides some excellent motivational advice on achieving your goals in life. You can apply these principles to any area. Whether you apply Will’s mentality towards body building, losing weight, your career, improving your job prospects or simply leading a healthier lifestyle and bettering your family life at home, one thing is for certain. You will see a whole new world of opportunity open up before your very eyes.

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Gabrielle – Congrats on “Being Mary Jane”


I am a fan of “Being Mary Jane”  As an adult I appreciate programmes which speak to real life, and feature what I am starved of, Black professional glamour on my TV. Other popular shows on BET are the Wendy Williams Show, The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Bobby Jones Gospel Show, Black Girls Rock,  and The Game, and The Reel and of course the many AWARDs shows. There are also exclusive documentaries and interviews with entertainers such as Le twins and The Message.  Yes, BET, give us more of the above, BUT… we want more.  And well done to Garbielle Union.

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BET CEO Debra L. Lee Speaks out


BET CEO and Chairman Debra L. Lee recently sat down with Forbes magazine and shared her thoughts on being a female CEO, her unlikely road to running a media company, and her responsibility to promote positive images of African-Americans.

Giving insight into the programming philosophy of the company, Lee responded to the public criticism and backlash she has received in the past about of BET’s depiction of African-Americans.

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Les Brown Speaks about Getting Unstuck


Les Brown is an internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker. He talks to tens of thousands of people every year, travelling around the world. “The majority of people suffer there first major heart attack on Monday morning between 8am and 9am. This is as they are preparing to go to jobs that they do not like” Is your job slowly killing you. Watch these video which will set you on the road to success.” If young and old listened to him and take heed – It would change America. It would change the world.

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Kanye West speaks about the Fashion Industry


In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel,  (Otober 9th, 2013) Kanye West spoke of difficulties he finds in the fashion industry.  If he is finding it difficult, what hope does the ordinary ambitious person have?

“All he wants to do is make awesome stuff”

“There is no black Guy at the End of the Runway at Paris Fashion Week.

He’s been sitting in Paris Fashion Week for 9 years, and he still cannot break that wall down.

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Buying Black: An Ebony Experiment


Uploaded on May 3, 2009
Buying Black: An Ebony Experiment
A Chicago couple vows to buy only from black-owned businesses for an entire year. They call it an empowerment experiment. But is it racist? VIDEO

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The history of Black Economic Empowerment

Published on Mar 18, 2012
“Power To The People: The History Of Black Economic Empowerment”
by Reverend Dr. Charles B. Jackson, Sr. VIDEO

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Bootstraps to Laces – Economic Empowerment


Uploaded on Jun 4, 2010

“FROM BOOTSTRAPS TO LACES”: ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE Recession Proofing Ourselves By Re-Energizing Our Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Self-Sufficiency. VIDEO

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