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Oprah finds many ways to Give Back


A little-known statistic even the most altruistic don’t realize until they wade into heavy-duty giving: The majority of philanthropic initiatives don’t work; 75% close up shop in their first year. Even so, there’s merit in the effort: As in business, failures lead to insights and breakthroughs. With her immense wealth, Oprah has sort to make a difference in lives through education and various other charitable projects.

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Oprah’s Empire


Oprah’s first job as a teenager was working at a local grocery store. At age 17, Winfrey won the Miss Black Tennessee beauty pageant. She also attracted the attention of the local black radio station, WVOL, which hired her to do the news part-time. She worked there during her senior year of high school, and again while in her first two years of college.  This experience would shape the rest of her life and catapult her to creating a most amazing empire.

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Tyler Perry – the Half a Billion Dollar Man


Half a Billion Dollar Man

Tyler Perry is not just the black man that you’ve seen put on a dress for laughs, he is actually a Hollywood mogul. The filmmaker, writer and director has surpassed many of his caucasion peers when it comes to cashing in at the box office. According to Forbes, Perry is now worth nearly half a billion dollars.

Born in 1969 in New Orleans, Perry is more successful than nearly every other director in Hollywood. He is the only filmmaker in history to have five films open #1 at the box office in the last five years. This puts him ahead of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, James Cameron and many other big names in Hollywood.

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Les Brown Speaks about Getting Unstuck


Les Brown is an internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker. He talks to tens of thousands of people every year, travelling around the world. “The majority of people suffer there first major heart attack on Monday morning between 8am and 9am. This is as they are preparing to go to jobs that they do not like” Is your job slowly killing you. Watch these video which will set you on the road to success.” If young and old listened to him and take heed – It would change America. It would change the world.

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Who is the wealthiest black women of them all?


Who is the wealthiest black women in the world?  It might not be whom you think it is.  The Wealthiest black women currently is Folorunsho Alakija, a 61-year-old oil tycoon from Nigeria, is reportedly worth at least $3.3 billion, or $500 million more than Oprah’s $2.7 billion net worth.

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A Kenyan eye clinic with a long vision


Kenya’s Hurlingham Eye Care Services – a company founded in 2007 by three female doctors – started with small steps but with a long vision.

In the last six years the firm, which opened with just a few patients, has become East Africa’s leading eye clinic and offers a wide range of services, from eye tests to laser surgery.

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100 Teachers Enriched By Digicel Foundation, JA


OCHO RIOS, St Ann:DIGICEL FOUNDATION and the Ministry of Education chose Ocho Rios, St Ann, as the location to continue its enrichment initiative for primary-school teachers with a two-day seminar recently.

One hundred teachers, representing 50 schools from across the island, spent the time upgrading their skills using the technology provided by the telecoms giant. The technology is expected to aid in curriculum delivery as teachers continue the work to improve literacy among primary-school students.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Partners with The Hunger Project


Over 7 million children will die this year before reaching their fifth birthday — most are from developing countries and their deaths are largely preventable.

The most basic health interventions can mean survival. Among those interventions are vaccination against pneumonia and diseases that cause diarrhea — the leading global killers of children — as well as improving nutrition and sanitation, bolstering child health, and preventing transmission of disease.

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Top 5 Trends in Ending Hunger and Poverty in 2012


This year saw a continuation and expansion of many of the positive trends in last year’s list: civil society consultation, gender mainstreaming, transparency, small farmer empowerment. And it saw new initiatives to fill gaps in achieving the MDGs. Yet we also witnessed push back: organized threats to women’s human rights and civil society that remind us we can never take progress for granted. Let’s take a look at the top 5 trends in ending hunger and poverty this year:

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Job Gains Made by Black Women


There seems to be one segment of the American population that is making strides in the job market–Black women.

According to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since December, Black women have shaved more than 3 percentage points off their unemployment rate, from 13.9 percent to 10.8 percent. That’s the biggest decrease during the last five months for any single demographic group broken down by race, sex, and age. Among the factors for this improvement: education, health care, and retail.

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