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Queen Latifah Expands Her Empire

queen latifah

Queen Latifah has done nearly everything throughout her entertainment career–rapping, singing, acting, and producing. Now she is readying for a new daytime television show. She will launch her first syndicated daytime talk show in the fall of 2013. This will be her second go round–from 1999 to 2001, she hosted “The Queen Latifah Show” on TV.

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BET Founder Strikes Out into Online Distribution


Robert Johnson, the nation’s first African-American billionaire, has invested in professional basketball teams, real estate, mortgage-backed securities and midsize hotels. Now he is returning to his old stamping grounds: media.

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Harvard Business School Launches New VC Program


Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York (HBSAANY) and The National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) recently launched the Venture Capital Access Program (“VCAP”), a collaborative venture that provides women and diverse entrepreneurs nationwide with access to venture capital through accredited investors within the HBSAANY network. VCAP is, say the founders, the first program of its kind, bridges the gap between venture capitalists and angel investor networks and women and diverse entrepreneurs, many of whom have not traditionally had access to these sources of capital.

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Zimbabwe’s Richest Businessman Honored by Morehouse


When Strive Masiyiwa, Zimbabwe’s richest businessman, took the stage at Morehouse College to accept the honorary degree conferred upon him by the college, he gave the students a valuable piece of business advice:

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Lessons from Seven Small, Black-Owned Businesses


Take a look at these Black Entrepreneursfrom Back in the Day

As we navigate these challenging economic times, here is a look back at seven stories of Black-owned businesses that made it big!

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Tech Entrepreneur Kimberly Bryant Working to Close the Digital Divide


The problem, still exists—a lack of African American women in the tech world. Black Girls Code recently launched a campaign called IndieGoGo to help close the digital divide.


“There is still a great disparity in underrepresented communities in terms of access to technology on several fronts. Broadband access lags the national average significantly in communities of color and although minorities are early adopters of mobile technologies, we still don’t see students of color with the same access to computers in either their homes or schools. Computer science curriculum is also nearly non-existent or inadequate in public schools (and some private institutions) across the country.

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Brown Says She Comes From a Long Line of Entrepreneurs


Leah Brown is president and CEO of A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc., which specializes in clinical research and on-site preventative care health clinics for large pharmaceutical, government agencies, hospital systems and corporate entities. A10 supports clinical projects that have a significant impact on communities that have traditionally experienced healthcare disparities. The company’s revenues in 2011 were estimated at $30 million and its three year growth has been 1,011%.

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Gadget Masters: Best Friends Turn Remixed in Brooklyn Into Hi-Tech Product Player


More than a tree is growing in Brooklyn. Childhood friends Emaus Santiago and Darryle Hawes are building their company, Remixed In Brooklyn, Inc. into a major force in the tech world. Remixed in Brooklyn is an innovative product design firm that seeks to mesh technology and fashion seamlessly.

Recently they released a new product called the HI-RO, the first generation of its category defining the portable audio system for the iPod Nanomobile boom box.

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Catherine Hughes: Founder of Radio One and Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

catherine hughes

Catherine Hughes is the all-American success story. Through hard work and determination, she overcame severe financial constraints and founded the media company Radio One, Inc, the largest African-American owned and operated broadcast company in the U.S. She later expanded into TV One, a national cable and satellite television network for African American adults. Noting that there are too many negative portrayals of Black women in mainstream media, she says of Radio One and TV One programming, “We’re interested in the positive side of being African American.”

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Apprentice Winner Inks Contracts


Reality show stars come and go. But the winner of season four of “The Apprentice,” Dr. Randal Pinkett, has proven to have staying power. Pinkett, who is chairman and CEO of national consulting firm BCT Partners, has just landed two billion-dollar contracts.

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