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Putting the Bang! into business in Tanzania


Bang! is Tanzania’s first lifestyle magazine.  Nine years ago, without any experience in journalism, Tanzania’s Emelda Mwamanga started her country’s first lifestyle publication, Bang! magazine, which now also reaches audiences in neighbouring Uganda, Kenya and Zambia.

She had returned home from South Africa shortly after completing a degree in Industrial, Organisational and Labour Studies at the University of Cape Town, and was working as a human resource officer for Coca Cola when she decided to publish her magazine on the side.

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Job Gains Made by Black Women


There seems to be one segment of the American population that is making strides in the job market–Black women.

According to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since December, Black women have shaved more than 3 percentage points off their unemployment rate, from 13.9 percent to 10.8 percent. That’s the biggest decrease during the last five months for any single demographic group broken down by race, sex, and age. Among the factors for this improvement: education, health care, and retail.

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Kisha Holt: Black Female Entrepreneur Fills Void in Children’s Marketplace


A friend of mine likes to tell the story of how when she was growing up, if there was a baby shower or a child’s birthday her mother would purchase a card with a white child–because there was nothing else available back then–and lightly shade in the image making the child African American.  30 years later while it’s easier to find greeting cards with images of people with dark skin, there are still gaps in the area of home decor for Black children.

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Author: Renee Flagler


After she was laid off for the third time, Renee Flagler took her professional fate into her own hands. The marketing executive began to view her lack of employment as a gift of time to pursue her dream of becoming a published author. In less than 30 days, Flagler finished her first published novel, Mountain High, Valley Low(Aspicomm Books 2004). “I’d been looking for the opportunity to pursue my dreams of writing my book and actually view that last lay off as just that—opportunity!” says Flagler.

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Core Values and Mission Statements


Is your company on the right track in terms of its philosophy? Your company can lose its way and its employees can be without a clear direction if you haven’t formulated a set of core or corporate values and a company mission statement.

The ABCs of core values
“Values guide behavior more directly than do policies and procedures,” explains Professor Barbara Jones, dean of the School of Business at Alabama A&M University. “Employees can manipulate their way around policies, but values push us very directly.”

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Help for the African-American IT Entrepreneurs–Interview with Boyd Stephens


Starting a business comes with many challenges.  Information Technology professionals have their own unique hurdles to surmount when striking out on their own. recently talked to Boyd Stephens, Director of the Black Data Processors Association’s (BDPA) Entrepreneurs Advisory Group.  Boyd’s primary occupation has been in the IT field for more than 20 years.  Along with being a business owner for the last 13 years, Boyd has regularly conducted workshops for IT professionals who aspire to start their own businesses.

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Black Female Designers Freshen NY’s Fashion Scene


It may seem hard to break into the apparel business in one of the world’s fashion capitals if you happen to be Black and female, but there is hope! A new crop of black women have hit the fashion scene, attracting attention with distinct design points of view and are poised to rival many of the American fashion houses that have reigned over high-end fashion for decades.

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Hip-Hop Hooray: Food Comes To Harlem


Besides being hip-hop sensations, what do P. Diddy, Jay-Z and Doug E. Fresh have in common? Well, now with the entry of Fresh into the eatery business, they are all NYC restaurateurs.

Fresh recently debuted his new Harlem restaurant, Doug E.´s, in hopes of reviving his hometown community. The 25-year hip-hop veteran opened the food hot spot on 132nd Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard.

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The for-profit sector steps up to play its role in Africa’s economic development.


Making the Business Case for Africa

The for-profit sector steps up to play its role in Africa’s economic development.

Where are the builders of tomorrow’s Africa? That’s a crucial issue for anyone interested in global economic development. It was also the specific question up for discussion at the daylong Stanford Africa Forum held March 2 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Opera North


Introducing Opera North.

For the past 30 years, Opera North Inc., Pennsylvania’s only African-American opera company, has continued to fulfill its vision by presenting opera productions, recitals, concerts, and Black History programs in an opera genre.

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