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An Open Letter to Meghan Markle


An open letter to Meghan Markle

On her day of her wedding to Prince Harry.

19th May 2018

Dear Meghan


We welcome you to the United Kingdom, and are so happy that you are joining the Royal family.

When we first heard about your romance with Prince Harry – we were pleased and had to watch Suits to discover more about you. And by the way – we love Suits the series and her character in particular.  You are clearly a person of many talents.

Embarking on marriage with someone you love is the most wonderful thing in the world. It is like Heaven on Earth and we wish you all the joy in the world. The problems with your family have been unfortunate, but makes you more relatable, because most people have family issues. We sympathise that your father is unable to attend.

We feature the picture of yourself and your mother as your arrive at your hotel last night. You are both so stunning and you showed a genuine love for her. She seems amazing (as exclaimed by Prince Harry). We all want to be best friends with your Mum. Seriously. A commentator on Sky News this morning said he would love to wake up to your beautiful smiles every morning to either of you.

I, Dawn,  the founder of BlackEconomics.co.uk have some words of wisdom for you.

Royal Life will not always be easy. Work within it’s boundaries and perhaps affect positive change from within.

Not being able to really give your opinions may make you feel restricted. Perhaps set up an anonymous Social Media profiles with an alter ego name, and let your good voice be heard.

Life is great – but life is also tough sometimes. Please hang in there when you inevitably get rough patches in your marriage.

Love and Listen. Be accommodating and caring and hopefully this will be reciprocated.

When you disagree with Harry, and you inevitably will, keep disagreements and arguments private. Always present a united front.

Enjoy the new family you are now a part of. Care for each other, and accept the individual personalities and quirks as an adventure. Everyone wants love and genuine friendship, no matter how blue their blood.

Do not forget your close friends and colleagues, and always stay in touch with them. This will help to keep you grounded and help you escape from the bubble of Royal life sometimes. It is great to have space to breathe. Continue to maintain an interest in their lives and their families.

As a mixed race woman, do not forget your black side, or your black family. We understand you will be consumed by a white world, but spare some time to get to know the black community and its various groups and organisations in London and across the UK.

Should you ever need orientation about being black in the UK, in all it’s aspects, talk to us. We’ll take you on a tour, or just have coffee with you. Black People here are not all charity cases – in need of help, starving, or involved in crime, or being deported from the country. We are happy that you are working with charities, and thank you so much, but please be aware that there is a strong black middle class, professionals, business fraternity and politicians. And of course there are numerous black and mixed race entertainers, sports people and media personalities.  Please check our website for examples of positive stories, as well as issues.

We suggest that you need to have  your own website – Just like Michelle Obama had – which updates us about the things you care about and your activities. We the people around the world want to hear direct from you all the time. We loved your speech at the UN on Youtube, and talent like yours needs to be used to the max. There is much that needs fixing in the world with Prince Harry, and also in your own space. I hope the Palace will allow this.

Your parents have done a marvellous job in raising you, and your mother is dignity and beauty personified. You and your mother should write a book about your lives, and your philosphy, sprinkling in health and yoga tips. You have too much talent to let it disappear inside Kensington Palace.

7 Things you won’t be able to do after the wedding (and we feel for you but there may be work-arounds).

  1. You cannot give honest opinions about politicians and politics. (share what you feel with close friends and family, you have to have an outlet)
  2. You will not be able to walk down the road to the shops without an entourage. (see how discrete that can happen, wigs, sunglasses, hat)
  3. You cannot just turn up to events just because you feel like it. (actually you can – there is always a way)
  4. You cannot have your own Social Media Accounts (have anonymous accounts with a fake name – still get your message out there. Useful for those opinions you cannot pass through @KensingtonPalace)
  5. You will not longer have your own time and space. (make time for yourself)
  6. You cannot respond when the press inevitable turns on you (which hopefully will not be often – best policy – ignore them)
  7. You cannot please all the people, all of the time. (we have all tried that trick, and it does not work)

Our Hopes and Prayers for you.

We hope you and Prince Harry will be supremely happy and your love last forever.

We hope that your father is able to come over and spend some time with you and Prince Harry when he is well, and let us all see pictures.

We hope your mother will be in London often to spend quality time with you. If she could live here that would be even better.

We had hoped you would have a strong family contingent from both sides, at your wedding. (though we may yet be surprised). Family is important – and you need to fix relationships. (We all do go be fair) But we are acutely aware that some relationships cannot be fixed, or do not deserve to be fixed and we mention no names apart from Samantha and Tom. But that is up to you. You will have time in the future to reach out and pull in distant relatives.

Friends can be closer than family, and are true family in every sense of the word. We hope you forever maintain a familial relationship with the cast of Suits who are so lovely.

We hope that you will still be able to have holidays with friends – with or without Prince Harry.

We hope that your desire for children will be fulfilled quickly and healthily.

Going Forward

As the only person of colour within the Royal family, you have a huge responsibility to represent our views, and not to let us down. (We know you won’t).

We would like you and your mother to one day do an event with BlackEconomics.co.uk

Thank you for being who you are. Gracious, Kind, Strong, Beautiful, Encouraging, Understanding, Intelligent, Ambitious and Dignified. You are a fine example of what to aspire to.

Welcome Meghan,and accept a Big Hug from us. Above All – BE HAPPY continue to make others happy. We love you.