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Dear Visitor

Black Economics is a website with a remit to promote entrepreneurship among black communities by disemminating inspirational stories and financial education. The website has sometimes received over 860,000 hits in one day and has been called the Black Bloomberg. Over time, we realized that many people have the best will in the world but are stuck. We do not want to just Talk and DO NOTHING. Or share lovely meaningful articles, and DO NOTHING.

Creative Talents and Brilliant Ideas are being blocked because of perceived hopelessness of their situation and lack of connections. Many need a helping hand - and we work to offer that help. Help support the work of this website.

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Can we help struggling families make ends meet by monetizing what they are good at into a Successful Business through Strategic Planning, Implementation, Mentoring and Sales Personnel?

Can we encourage youths to put their energies into a legitimate business or career instead of gangs, violence and drugs?

Can we provide a direction to people who have been working hard, but are just not getting the break they need?

Can we help to fulfil Economic dreams?

We need to support black-owned businesses, as they are the last to start and first to close - when they do not get the support they need. Can we help?

Yes we can - with your Help!

Here is the ACEE Project. This stands for Accelerate Commercial and Economic Empowerment. Help us to make a real difference.

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